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French and Lebanese Gourmet Cuisine and Delicacies


One might think of Arlequin® as a hybrid of the best this part of the world has to offer – classic cuisine with regional and local flavours.

Born in Lebanon in 1951, Arlequin® grew up with a mixture of French and Lebanese cooking traditions specialising in melt-in-the-mouth pastries and savouries reminiscent of both Parisian sidewalk cafes and lazy afternoons in a beirut bistro.

When the time came to expand overseas, Arlequin® chose to open in Abu Dhabi.

It was 1977 and Arlequin® thrived in the early days of quiet camaraderie among the nationals and expats in the capital city.

Soon, Arlequin®’s French pastries, Lebanese savouries and Arabic sweets were literally on everyone’s lips, creating a firm foundation for gourmet cuisine in the UAE.

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